The Complaints Investigator will review any complaints received, and will assess whether it is a matter that is contained within the Codes. If a matter is not in the National Codes, the Complaints Investigator will not be able to formally raise the matter, but they may be able to provide some information or guidance on how to resolve the issue.

The Code covers areas ranging from the marketing and advertising of the development and its facilities, to repairs and deposits. Within the Code itself, repair timescales are explained, stating how long a repair should take. The Code also covers security and fire safety.

You can access copies of the Code documents here.

Issues that are not included in the National Codes:

  • Contractual issues related to rent, the terms of the contract, ending the tenancy early
  • Claims for compensation
  • Disputes between tenants, although it would be possible to complain about a perceived failure of the landlord to respond to a complaint about this issue