The Living Black at University Report and Commission 

The National Codes are pleased to be participating in the Living Black at University Commission, and have made a number of commitments to support its Report and Recommendations.  

The Report 

The Living Black at University Report published by Halpin was commissioned by Unite Students. The report highlighted the differences that black students experienced in accommodation including experiences of racism and discrimination that contributed to lower feelings of belonging and safety.  The Report made a number of recommendations for the student accommodation sector and a Commission was established in 2022 to take these forward.  

The Report is a positive and useful analysis and the National Codes would urge staff in the PBSA to read it and consider its recommendations in their own organisation. The Commission website also contains lots of helpful information, sector notes and resources for the PBSA sector.  

Recognising the importance of the themes and recommendations, the National Codes is pleased to be involved in the work of the Commission and has focussed on recommendations related to complaint handling and PBSA staff training. The Codes have committed to undertake a number of actions:  


  • revising web copy related to National Code complaints process to emphasis the initial inquiry phase as an opportunity to raise concerns, have an informal discussion and receive guidance  
  • providing information on appropriate support services for students concerned about racism and other forms of discrimination 
  • training for National Codes staff on receiving sensitive complaints 
  • consider the possibility of capturing and analysing information on the demographic data of complainants 
  • during the next review of the National Codes, consideration will be given to requiring members to collect and report on complaints data. 


  • inserting a section on equality, diversity and inclusion on the National Codes online training course 
  • providing guidance for members on accessing relevant and meaningful EDI training that is specific to the HE context. 

There are a number of other significant actions and changes that have already arisen  

 These actions will be developed and introduced during the 2023 – 2024 academic year. Anybody with questions and comments on this work can contact Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed at Unipol on [email protected].