Providers can also be held to account for sub-standard services through an independent complaints procedure, which is available for the use of tenants, ex-tenants, a parent or relative representing the tenant or former tenant, students unions, universities, or local authorities.

In the first instance any complaint that an aspect of the Codes have been breached should be raised with the accommodation provider directly and using that provider’s own complaints process where relevant.  Where parties experience any difficulties in accessing such procedures, they should contact the  National Codes for assistance.

Where such an action does not result in the breach being resolved, then a formal complaint should be made to the National Codes. The accommodation provider will be contacted by the relevant person from the National Codes and invited to respond to the allegations that they have breached the Codes. Should a resolution to the matter/s not be achieved following this process, then the complaint will be referred to the Chair of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal Chair, who is independent of the membership of the Codes, will determine how the complaint will be dealt with and by whom. The Tribunal is also the final stage of the complaints process and its decision will be regarded as final.

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What Happens if a Member Ceases to Operate?

Where either an accommodation provider or a development covered by the Codes enters Administration or Receivership, some guidance has been developed and that is available from here.