Timescale for submission of self assessment questionnaire

Once the National Codes Administrator (NCA) has received and processed an applicant’s declaration form and a completed property schedule, they will send the applicant a self assessment questionnaire (SAQ).

The applicant has 28 days within which to return the completed SAQ back to the NCA. If they don’t manage this, the NCA will send a reminder and give an extra 14 days. If the NCA hasn’t received the SAQ back by the second deadline, they will reject the application and report what has happened to the National Codes Audit Panel and the Committee of Management . If the SAQ is submitted but not completed properly, the NCA will set a deadline for its return. An incomplete SAQ will result in an application being rejected.

Structure of the SAQ

The SAQ divides the various standards into nine categories:

  • general
  • equality and diversity
  • marketing
  • during the tenancy
  • tenant satisfaction
  • health and safety
  • at the end of the tenancy
  • disputes
  • complaints

The provider and, subsequently, the verifier assess the applicant’s properties on this basis.

Commitment entailed by self assessment

Satisfactory self assessment does not lead directly to membership and full accreditation. This will only be granted once the verification process has been undertaken and the outcomes confirmed by the verifier as satisfactory.

Once a completed SAQ has been received the applicant is fully part of the membership process and the applicant agrees to having placed in the public domain the fact of a failed application beyond this point and the reasons for that failure.

In recognition of this commitment entailed by self assessment, applications which fail before self assessment are dealt with administratively (i.e. through a straight rejection by the NCA, reported to the Audit Panel and CoM), whereas applications which fail after or as a result of the SAQ process are dealt with formally by the Audit Panel or the Tribunal, for recommendation to the CoM. The Tribunal and Audit Panel each has the power to suspend the provider pending further consideration of the case.


Existing members are required to undertake a fresh SAQ within each three-year period of membership.

Online self assessment

The SAQ is only available online. The NCA will provide all members with a link to the relevant website at the time they are required to complete or re-complete the asessment, along with some guidance on how to proceed. The same link and guidance will be made available to new applicants within a working week of them returning their declaration form and property schedule.