The ANUK/Unipol National Codes have established a set of standards for large student developments which reflect a balance of interests between the tenants and the managers of large student accommodation. The definition of a "large development" varies depending on the Code in question; in the case of the Code for non- educational establishments then it is any property where 15 or more students live in one building, either in rooms off a central corridor, in cluster flats, or in self-contained flats. Under the Code for educational establishments a 'large development' can include any sized accommodation so long as it is under the management and control of the educational establishment.

Members of the Codes will clearly display the National Codes logo on their website and will make clear which of their developments are covered under the Codes

Larger developments are an important part of the student accommodation supply and the Codes reflects this specialist status.


Has joint ownership of the National Codes


Responsible for the operation of the self assessment and verification system


The operational body for the Codes and has overall operational responsibility for their management.


The Tribunal is the place of final resort for serious disputes.


They are the front line member of staff responsible for all initial questions and issues between Members and the Codes.