The verifier completes a draft report and sends an electronic version to the nominated contact for that provider; this provides an opportunity for the provider to correct errors before the report is finalised. Providers must acknowledge receipt of the draft in writing within 14 days. If they fail to do so, the National Codes Administrator (NCA) sends them a 14-day reminder, and if they fail to acknowledge within the additional time allowance, the NCA refers the matter to the Tribunal with a recommended course of action, normally suspension from the relevant Code

If there is a dispute over the wording of a verification report, which cannot be resolved between a provider and the verifier (operating in consultation with the Audit Panel), the matter is referred to the Chair of the Tribunal for a decision.

The format of the verification report is determined by the Consortium.

Once completed, verification reports are held on file for six years.

Actions Points

Part of the verification report format is concerned with the identification and logging of Action Points. Where an Action Point is recorded, the verifier must include a timescale within which the provider must complete the action specified. The verifier is required to follow up all Action Points they have formally identified and to report outcomes to the Audit Panel.

For new members, although the verifier may have stipulated a number of conditions as Action Points, membership may still proceed on the verifier’s express recommendation.

Reporting of new members

All new members are reported to the Audit Panel and the Committee of Management at the earliest opportunity.

Developments which change operational management

Where developments change operational management they are re-verified (even where the new manager is an existing member) before being added to the list of buildings covered by the relevant Code.

Newly Built and Late Running Developments

Existing members who wish to add newly built sites to their list of accredited properties will need to inform the NCA so that visits to these can be undertaken. They also need to notify the NCA is any of these builds are running lat