If tenants believe their housing provider has broken the Code they are signed up to, they are entitled to make a formal complaint, and this process is open to tenants, ex-tenants, a parent or relative representing the tenant or former tenant, students unions, universities, or local authorities.

In the first instance any complaint that an aspect of the Codes have been breached should be raised with the accommodation provider directly and using that provider’s own complaints process where relevant. This resolves most issues.

Where parties experience any difficulties in accessing such procedures, they should contact the National Codes for assistance.

Where such an action does not result in the breach being resolved, then a formal complaint should be made to the National Codes. The accommodation provider will be contacted by the Codes Complaints Investigator and invited to respond to the allegations that they have breached the Codes. This process resolves the majority of issues that have not been resolved in the first instance.

Should a resolution to the matter/s not be achieved following this process, then the complaint will be referred to the Chair of the Tribunal

The complaint must state clearly:

- When the tenants informed the provider of the alleged breach and what steps, if any, the provider took to resolve it

- the section(s) of the relevant Code the complainant believes has been breached
Upon receiving the complaint the National Codes Administrator will check that it fulfils the above criteria and then acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

Once a complaint is received the owner of the property will be written to, informing them of the complaint and giving them 14 working days in which to respond.

Generally, it is hoped that reporting a complaint about a property of an owner who has signed the Code voluntarily will result in that owner taking any necessary remedial action immediately.


The Codes set an operational deadline for receiving complaints relating to Covid-19 rent refunds relating to the 2019-2020 academic year six months from lockdown on 23rd March 2020 and that took effect at midday on Friday 25th September 2020. No complaints relating to Covid-19 rent refunds for the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 can now be accepted.

Personal details
Property Details relating to the complaint
Code Breaches

If you have any supporting evidence such as copies of letters/emails, photographs of disrepair, reports from an environmental health officer these should be emailed to [email protected]