Ablett House - Yugo
Agnes Jones House - Gather Students Ltd
Albert Court - Campus Living Villages
Apollo Court - Student Roost
The Arch - Downing Students
Arrad House - UNITE
Art School Lofts - Hello Student 
The Ascent - Iconic
Atlantic Point - UNITE
Bedford Street South - Gather Students Ltd
Byrom Point - Student Roost
Calico - Fresh
Cambridge Court - UNITE
Capital Gate - Student Roost
Cathedral Campus - Dwell Student Living
Cedar House  - UNITE
Crosshall, Tinlings and Chapel - Vita Student Management Ltd
Chatham Lodge - Hello Student
The Electra - Downing Students
Europa  - Fresh
Falkland House - Cloud Homes
Fontenoy Apartments - Homes for Students
Glassworks - Abodus
Grand Central - UNITE
Great Newton House - IQ Student Accommodation Services Ltd
Grenville Street South - Sanctuary Students
The Hanemann Building - Hello Student
Hayward House - Hello Student 
Heritage Court - Kexgill
Hope Street Apartments - Host Student
Horizon Heights - UNITE
Innovo House - CRM Students
Islington Place - Homes for Students
Kaplan Living - Kaplan
Kexgill Court - Kexgill
The Lantern - Fresh Student Living 
Larch House - Kexgill
Lennon Studios  - UNITE
Maple House - Hello Student
Marybone Student Village - Sanctuary Students
Moorfield - UNITE
Myrtle Court - Student Roost
The Octagon - Hello Student
Paddington Park House - UNITE
Plato House - Cloud Homes
Prospect Point - UNITE
The Railyard - Student Roost
Rodney Street - Student Cribs
St Andrews Gardens - Homes for Students
St Luke's View - UNITE
True Liverpool - True Student
Windsor Court - Homes for Students