Armada House, in Plymouth, which is operated by Clever Student Lets, has been suspended from membership of the National Code following failures to comply with requirements set following a visit to the property that took place in July 2021.

This decision, taken by the Co-Chairs of the Audit Panel on September 13th 2021, was made as a result of Clever Student Lets failure to provide evidence to show what actions from the fire risk assessment (completed in July 2020) for Armada House had been completed, as was as not providing test/inspection certification for both the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems within the building.

Clever Student Lets have been required to remove all National Code references with respect to this development, and they have been informed that if they wish to have the suspension lifted then they will need to provide the relevant documentation before the decision can be reconsidered.

Plymouth City Council and the two universities operating in the city (as well as their students unions) have been notified of the suspension.