Students have been given details of the complaints system operated by all three approved Codes and the number of complaints in this area has increased. In order to assist both tenants and accommodation suppliers it is important to be transparent about how these complaints will be dealt with.


In respect of the ANUK/Unipol National Code for Non-Educational Establishments the Code does not address matters relating to contractual obligations of landlords or tenants, as these are subject to statutory law but the complaints system can and will be used in the following areas:


  • matters relating to mis-selling or not providing contracted services
  • setting unreasonable conditions for tenancy options. This would particularly be the case if a room had to be vacated in a period when Government “stay put” advice was in place
  • unnecessarily rigid and inflexible conditions being set by a supplier in matters relating to the tenancy which fail to appreciate the individual circumstances of the complainant.


Anyone making a complaint in this area is asked if they think they have any exceptional circumstances where their case should be considered individually by a supplier. If the Codes Complaints Investigator feels that the exceptional circumstances merits individual consideration they will forward these to the supplier for such consideration and it is expected that these representations will be properly and seriously considered and responded to in a timely manner by the supplier. Responses should avoid simply referring to internal policies and should seek to address the exceptional circumstances being claimed.