There has been considerable media interest in this, the BBC’s coverage can be seen on the link

On the 16th August 2023 the National Codes were notified by the incoming operators of HD1, a refurbished 405 bed student accommodation building in Huddersfield which was due to open in September, that they had been notified by the owners of the building that the building would no longer be for student use.

The provider was asked to terminate all student bookings and cease marketing the site and this affected 167 students who had already signed tenancy agreements. All affected students have been contacted by the provider who are taking responsibility for re-housing these students in other National Code accredited buildings within Huddersfield and disruption has been minimised to those students.

Unipol’s Chief Executive, Martin Blakey said “At a time when there are growing student accommodation shortages it is unhelpful of the Home Office to be buying bed spaces that were developed for students. It is also regrettable that this sudden change of use affected students who had already rented their rooms. Although there is no shortage of student accommodation in Huddersfield, there are an increasing number of students living there and commuting to Manchester where there is a real accommodation crisis and the removal of this building has tightened supply in Huddersfield.