MARA Inc, who operates Beaumont House in London, has had its membership of the National Code suspended following failures to comply with requirements set following a visit to the property that took place in June 2021.

Following a a cyclical re-visit undertaken by a specialist member of a verification team on June 2nd 2021, the verifier informed the Code at the October meeting of the Audit Panel that she was still awaiting the resolution of two action points whose deadlines for completion had expired at the end of September, relating to electrical safety and Fire Risk Assessment actions.

As a result, the verifier recommended that the providers membership of the Code should be suspended until these matters have been addressed, and this was agreed by the Co-Chairs of the Audit Panel.

MARA Inc have been required to remove the National Codes logo from their website, as well as any advertising materials.

They have been informed that if they wish to have the suspension lifted then they will need to liaise with the verifier concerned regarding the completion of the outstanding actions, before the decision can be reconsidered at the December meeting of the Audit Panel.

The relevant London borough Council has been notified of the suspension.