The time table for the government approval of the National Codes for non-educational accommodation has been revised and now looks like this:

a) Edited copy to be received by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government by the 11th May 2021.

b) MHCLG to provide comments so that necessary changes can be made by 25th June

c) Sector consultation to be launched on 5th July, for a period of four weeks ending on 2nd August (Next step)

d) If requested by MHCLG, a four week public consultation will be held over August-September.

e) Any changes following the consultation will be made not later than the end of October 2021.

f) The new Code will come into operation on 1st January 2022.

Following initial consultations with members, students and sector bodies, the draft Code has been updated to include:

  • Detailed provisions should a building open late including no quibble payments for affected students
  • Lower rents for students with mobility/physical impairment

To improve accessibility to the standards and the experience of users, the Code document has also been professionally edited.

The revised document will now be circulated for a full 4 week consultation from 5th July 2021, and members, students and interested parties will  be encouraged to provide their views.