Although almost all issues relating to ACM cladding on high rise student accommodation have been already addressed, other issues relating to more general building safety and remedial works are now being raised as that work is being undertaken.

 Many suppliers have undertaken detailed (and intrusive) surveys on their buildings to ensure they comply with building regulations. In the main, this consists of checking that the building materials specified for the building have been used during construction and that cladding and related systems have been properly installed.

 The introduction, on 31st January 2022 of PAS9980 for the Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW), which provides a methodology for the fire risk appraisal of external wall construction and cladding of existing multi-storey and multi occupied residential buildings, also requires a strict methodology to be followed in undertaking future risk assessments.

Following such surveys, some suppliers have discovered, particularly on buildings constructed between 2007 and 2017 that although building design standards are high, there have been building defects that require rectification. This can involve significant work to the exterior of the building.

 The National Code has received several recent complaints about the inconvenience caused by such works taking place: hence this guidance.


National Code Provisions

 The National Code already deals with some aspects of remediation in Clause 6.27:

 “Members will ensure that:

 6.27 Where remedial works are taking place related to external wall systems and fire safety:

  • students should be informed of the nature of those works , the works programme (as it affects them) and the reasons for them in a timely manner
  • inconvenience caused to students should be minimised
  • where inconvenience caused is judged to be significant, suitable alternative accommodation within the building should be offered (and clause 4.18 shall also apply).

The Guidance can be found here