Fortis Student Living have been suspended from membership on the 12th May 2018 for up to 12 weeks following the findings from a visit made to one of their sites in Nottingham. The Chair of the Audit Panel has requested that some concerns relating to fire safety within the building be investigated further. Nottingham City Council have been notified of this, as have Nottingham Fire and Rescue, and the latter body is now looking to address these. Further updates will be provided once this issue is resolved.

G Murphy Properties, who operate blocks of student accommodation in Portsmouth/Southsea, was suspended from Codes membership by the Audit Panel on the 12th of April 2018 as a result of a concerns being raised about fire safety aspects within one development - which had also been identified by Portsmouth City Council. The suspension is for up to 12 weeks to allow further investigations to take place and for evidence that additional action points identified at the site have been rectified.

Published 14 June 2018