Upper Parliament Street in Nottingham, operated by Stoney Street LLP, has been suspended from membership of the National Code due to serious concerns regarding compliance with the Code raised by a member of the verification team following a visit undertaken to it in October 2021.

Following a cyclical re-visit undertaken by a specialist member of a verification team on October 12th, the verifier identified 43 different action points where the provider was not in compliance with the Code. The verifier who undertook the visit reported to the October meeting of the Audit Panel that he had serious concerns about levels of compliance with the Code, especially with respect to the meeting of selective licensing requirements and an absence of health and safety documentation, and his recommendation was that this development be suspended from the Code with immediate effect.

Stoney Street LLP have been required to remove all National Code references with respect to this development, and remove the logo from all of its marketing material.

Given the gravity of the concerns raised, it was further agreed that the other two developments operated by Stoney Street LLP will be subject to verification visits before the date the Audit Panel meets next on December 20th 2021.

Nottingham City Council and the two universities operating in the city (as well as their students unions) have been notified of the suspension.