Archer House - Dwell Student Living
Arthur Street - Megaclose Ltd
Bertrand Russell House - Manor Villages Ltd
Bawas Place - Baaz Properties
Blenheim Hall - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Bottle Lane - FHP Living
Bowman House - Homes for Students
Bridlesmith Chambers - FHP Living
Broadgate Park  - UPP Broadgate Park Ltd
Byron Place - Acis Group Ltd
Byron Works - Megaclose
UPP Byron - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Canning Place - FHP  Living
Carlton Buildings - Student Beehive
Castle Gate Haus - Dwell Student Living
Chapel Court - Reed Residential Ltd
Church Street - Student Cribs
Clare Court - Megaclose Ltd
Clarendon Street - Collegiate AC
10 -26 Clarendon Street - Kexgill
Cleaves Hall - Congregational Federation
College Drive - Nottingham Trent University
Cooperative House - Reed Residential
Cotton House - Unipol Student Homes
Curzon House 1&2 - UNITE
Deakins Place - Student Roost
Derby House - Reed Residential Ltd
Dojo House - Uni2Rent
The Frontage - Hello Student
The Gas Works - Megaclose Ltd
Gill Street Residence - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Gill Street South - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Goldsmith Court - Yugo
Gordon & Elm House - Uni2 Rent Ltd
The Glasshouse - Homes for Students
Halley House - Primo Property Management
Halifax House - Megaclose
Hydrogen - Student Roost
Hyson House - Uni2rent Ltd
IQ Exchange - IQ Student Accommodation
Junction - FHP Living
KP House - FHP Living
Kaplan Nottingham - Kaplan
Lace Market Studios - Host
The Laceworks - Student Facility Management
The Lister Gate Building - Uni2Rent Ltd
Madison Gardens - Almero Student
The Maltings - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Mansion Place - Mansion Student
152-166 Mansfield Road - Megaclose Ltd
247 Mansfield Road - Megaclose Ltd
The Maze - FHP Living
Medici - Homes for Students
Meridian Court - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Middle Street - Uni2rent Ltd
Mill House - Reed Residential Ltd
Miura - Homes for Students
Morriss House - UNITE
The Moog - FHP Living
The Nest - Mezzino
Nelson Court - IQ Student Accommodation
New Hall - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Newland House - IQ Student Accommodation
Newton House - IQ Student Accommodation
Noel Street - GLSP
North Sherwood Street - Megaclose Ltd
Norton Court - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Nottingham 2 - Student Roost
Nottingham Square - Homes for Students
Nova - Collegiate-AC
Orbital - Homes for Students
Park View - Student Cribs
Peverell Hall - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Portland Road - Student Cribs
Radford Mill - Fresh
Raleigh Park - Acis Students
The Rise - Host
Riverside Point  - UNITE
Rob Roy House - Student Cribs
Roddice Court - Acis Group Ltd
Royal Albert Court  - Kexgill
Royal Albert Mill - Kexgill
Royal House - Megaclose Ltd
Russell Street - Uni2rent
Sandby Complex - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Sandhills - Unipol
Signal Place - IQ Student Accommodation
Simpsons Residence - UPP Nottingham Ltd
Station Street - Vita Student
Straits Village - Homes for Students
St Marks Court - Uni2rent Ltd
St Peters Court - UNITE
Talbot Street - Study Inn
The Student Hideout - Unipol Student Homes
Talbot Point - Hello Student 
Talbot Studios - Hello Student
Trent View - Kexgill 
Trinity Square - Student Roost 
Triumph House - Study Inn
Varsity City - FHP Living
Varsity Clifton - FHP Living
Victoria House - Megaclose Ltd
The Vantage - Future Generation AM
The Village - Manor Villages Ltd
Vita Nottingham - Vita Student
York House - Student Roost