The National Codes are administered by a National Codes Administrator who co-ordinates a large team of experts and consultants who help in the operation of the Codes. They are the front line member of staff responsible for all initial questions and issues between Members and the Codes.

The National Codes Administrator administers, develops and promotes the National Codes and this includes liaising with stakeholders and housing suppliers, the NUS, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), ANUK (and others), overseeing the membership, assessment and compliance procedures and dealing with complaints and servicing the Tribunal which resolves disputes.

They also have a wider remit to oversee the promotion and development of accreditation within student housing, arranging and undertaking appropriate training in this area and they maintain links with Local Authorities who support accreditation.

In respect of existing members the Administrator keeps the self assessment system up to date, ascertains the method of verification required, arranges verification visits, co-ordinates verifiers and administers the Audit Panel; which consist of experts who meet regularly to oversee and assess all verification reports.

They also deal with all complaints, making every effort to resolve them informally and if not, operates and services the Tribunal system. The current National Codes Administrator is Simon Kemp, who can be contacted on [email protected] or 0113 205 3406