Abodus Harbour Court, Bristol May 2019
St Lawrence House, Bristol May 2019
Glassworks, Liverpool May 2019
Hollingbury House, Brighton November 2019
The Foundry, Leeds December 2019
Turner Court, Newcastle December 2019
The Elements, Sheffield December 2019
Aparto Caton Court, Lancaster October 2019
ASN Capital Student Winton Halls, Bournemouth November 2019
Backstage Academy Waterfront House, Wakefield July 2019
Campus Living Villages UK Ltd Lyme Regis House, Bournemouth December 2019
Catalyst Sedley Court, Cambridge May 2019
Chapter Old Street, London June 2019
Chapter Lewisham, London October 2019
Chichester College Westgate Halls, Chichester November 2019
Cloud Student Homes Trinity Hall, Chester July 2019
Falkland House, Liverpool July 2019
Plato House, Liverpool July 2019
Code Students Fairfax Street, Coventry October 2019
Collegiate AC The Neighbourhood, Cardiff October 2019
Plummer House, Newcastle December 2019
Condor Properties Hayes Apartments, Loughborough November 2019
CRM Students The Rise, Nottingham April 2019
City Heights, Cardiff September 2019
The West Wing, Cardiff  September 2019
The Coal Yard, York September 2019
Peterson Hall, Dundee September 2019
Damside, Lancaster October 2019
The Cube, London November 2019
The Cube, London November 2019
DIGS Student (South Street) Storthes Hall Park, Huddersfielf November 2019
Downing Students Holbrook House, London October 2019
The Electra, Liverpool October 2019
City Point, Coventry October 2019
Dwell Student Living Castle Gate, Nottingham November 2019
Fawleybridge Student Living Loddon House, Reading June 2019
Fresh Student Living New Kepier Court, Durham June 2019
Roman House, Newcastle June 2019
Orient House, London, June 2019
Truro, Sheffield June 2019
Botanic Studios, Belfast July 2019
Skyline, Bournemouth September 2019
Between Towns Court, Oxford September 2019
Calico, Liverpool November 2019
Riverside Quay, Stirling November 2019
Abbey Lodge Student Village, Derby December 2019
Granary Studios, Chester December 2019
Gather Students Agnes Jones House, Liverpool October 2019
Global Student Accommodation Print Hall, Bristol February 2019
Therese House, London October 2019
Clifford House, Exeter October 2019
Bailey Point, Bournemouth October 2019
Belaton House, Bournemouth October 2019
Anglia House, Cambridge October 2019
The Curve, London November 2019
Hamstead Campus Limited Hamstead Campus, Birmingham Dec-19
Hello Student Victoria Point, Manchester January 2019
Grosvenor Hall, London February 2019
Halsmere Studios, London February 2019
Brunswick Apartments, Southampton March 2019
Brook Studios, Birmingham  March 2019
Edge Apartments, Birmingham, March 2019
College Green, Bristol March 2019
William & Matthew House, Bristol March 2019
Buccleuch, Edinburgh March 2019
Bishop Blackall School, Exeter March 2019
London Road, Southampton March 2019
Clifton Place, Exeter March 2019
Dean Clarke Lofts, Exeter March 2019
Isca Lofts, Exeter March 2019
Library Lofts, Exeter March 2019
Picture House, Exeter March 2019
Elm Grove Library, Portsmouth March 2019
Saxon Court, Reading March 2019
Kingsway House,  March 2019
Hosiery Factory  March 2019
Shoe & Boot Factory March 2019
Kings Stables, Edinburgh September 2019
Ocean View, Falmouth October 2019
James House, Bath December 2019
Herbal Hill Ltd Herbal Hill Studios, London October 2019
HomeLets Bath Weirside Court, Bath October 2019
Homes for Students Pablo Fanque House, Norwich February 2019
Crown House, Sheffield April 2019
Zip Building Leicester April 2019
The Gateway, Lincoln June 2019
Renslade House, Exeter October 2019
Base, Glasgow October 2019
Straits Manor, Sheffield October 2019
Opera House, London October 2019
Miura, Nottingham October 2019
York Street October 2019
Toy Box, Birmingham October 2019
St Leonards House, Lancaster November 2019
The Green, Bradford December 2019
Viridian Studios, Kingston December 2019
Host Londonderry House, Birmingham January 2019
Culver House, Bristol January 2019
Transome House, Bristol January 2019
Firth Point, Huddersfield January 2019
Saw Mill, Huddersfield January 2019
Snow Island, Huddersfield January 2019
Sunlight Apartments, London January 2019
Bernard Myers House, London January 2019
Central Quay, Sheffield January 2019
Alexandra Works, Plymouth February 2019
Central Point, Plymouth February 2019
Discovery Heights, Plymouth February 2019
St Teresa House, London February 2019
St Thomas Court, Plymouth February 2019
Hoxton, London October 2019
Hope Street Apartments, Liverpool October 2019
IQ Student Accommodation  Knight House, Sheffield November19
Kaplan Kaplan Living October 2019
Kexgill University Quarters, Hull September 2019
Royal Albert Mill, Nottingham November 2019
LIV Student Sheffield October 2019
Manor Villages  The Village, Nottingham March 2019
Mansion Student Mansion Point, Manchester November 2019
Opto Living Opto Village May 2019
Orange Living Devonshire House, Loughborough January 2019
Prime Student Living Trinity View, Coventry October 2019
Reed Residential Frederick Grove, Nottingham May 2019
Sanctuary Students Paul Robeson House, London October 2019
Scape Student Living Scape Mile End, London September 2019
Scape Guildford, Guildford November 2019
Stay Club Kentish Town, London December 2019
Stranmillis University College Culmore North/South November 2019
Culmore West November 2019
Devenish North/South November 2019
Devenish West November 2019
Student Beehive Kingfisher Halls, Loughborough November 2019
Student Cribs Morrison Circus, Edinburgh March 2019
Student Living by Sodexo Oxford House, Newcastle December 2019
Student Roost Mannequin House, London January 2019
University Walk October 2019
Hollis Croft, Sheffield October 2019
Study Inn Study Inn Loughborough October 2019
Superuni Mulberry Court, Southampton August 2019
U Student Group Ltd U Student Aberdeen October 2019
UNINN Student Accommodation Bailey Street, Sheffield September 2019
Unipol New York Street, Leeds May 2019
UNITE Battery Park, Birmingham October 2019
Horizon Heights, Liverpool October 2019
Olympic Way, London October 2019
Parade Green, Oxford October 2019
University of the Arts The Costume Store, London November 2019
The University of Greenwich Cutty Sark Hall, London December 2019
Urbanest Urbanest Victoria, London October 2019
Vita Student Colston Avenue, Bristol January 2019
Circle Square B 9, Manchester September 2019
St Albans Place, Leeds September 2019
Pebble Mill, Birmingham October 2019
West One Student Accommodation Speedwell Apartments, Sheffield November 2019
Yara Students Yara East, London January 2019