Aparto Student The Spireworks, Oxford September 2022
Amro Property Management Bright House, Kingston on Thames November 2022
ASN Capital Lettings The Artisan, Bournemouth November 2022
AXO Student Opera House, London November 2022
Belfast Bible College Riverside & Wellseley House, Belfast November 2022
Boudicca (Every Student) Old Fire Station, Aberdeen November 2022
  Linksfield House, Aberdeen November 2022
Carter Jonas The Old Bakery Yard, Bath October 2022
Catalyst Sedley Court, Cambridge May 2022
Chichester College Westgate Halls, Chichester November 2022
Cloud Student Nebula, Sheffield May 2022
  Waterside Court, Chester June 2022
  Tudor Studios, Leicester September 2022
Collegiate AC Crown Place, Portsmouth  January 2022
  Cathedral Point & Riverside Way, Winchester January 2022
Congregational Federation Cleaves Hall, Nottingham  January 2022
CRM Student YoHo and Zip Buildings, Leicester  January 2022
  Ropemaker Court, Manchester May 2022
  Crown House, Brighton September 2022
  Currus Court, Canterbury September 2022
  Murieston Crescent, Edinburgh September 2022
  The Garage, Egham September 2022
  Element, London October 2022
  Orchard Lisle & Iris Brook, London October 2022
  The Leather Works, Leeds November 2022
  Innovo, Liverpool November 2022
  Element Manchester, Manchester November 2022
  Electric Press, Sheffield November 2022
  The Cavendish, Winchester November 2022
  Crown Place, Swansea December 2022
  Boutique, Swansea December 2022
DIGS Student Chambers 51, Wolverhampton November 2022
Downing Student The Railyard, Cambridge October 2022
Fawleybridge Student Living Loddon House, Reading September 2022
FD Asset Management Cedar Hall, London September 2022
Fresh Student Radford Mill, Nottingham May 2022
  Spring Mews, London December 2022
FHP The Junction, Nottingham  January 2022
  Barker Gate and White Hart SA, Nottingham February 2022
  Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham March 2022
  Barker Gate, Nottingham August 2022
  Canning Place, Nottingham October 2022
  KP Building, Nottingham October 2022
Flare Student 25 St Nicholas Street, Bristol November 2022
  58 Whiteladies Road, Bristol November 2022
Gather Student Crosstrend House, Lincoln September 2022
  Bedford Street South, Liverpool November 2022
GLSP 9-11 Noel Street, Nottingham January 2022
Greystar Canvas City Point, Coventry September 2022
  Canvas Manchester October 2022
Hello Student Market Quarter Studios, Bristol March 2022
  St Mary's, Bristol September 2022
Herbal Hill Ltd Herbal Hill Studios, London October 2022
Homes for Students The Fitzalan, Cardiff  January 2022
  Foundry Studios, Lancaster February 2022
  Riverside House, Glasgow April 2022
  Studio 58, Bristol May 2022
  Atlas House, Exeter May 2022
  Riverside House, Glasgow May 2022
  The Priory, Leeds May 2022
  Devonshire Courtyard, Sheffield May 2022
  Viridian Studios, Kingston Upon Thames June 2022
  The Cube, Bolton September 2022
  Polhill Park, Bedford October 2022
  Calthorpe Court, Birmingham October 2022
  Straits Meadow, Edinburgh October 2022
  Straits Garden, Egham October 2022
  Grosvenor House, London October 2022
  Ten Traffic Street, Nottingham October 2022
  Urban Hub, Preston October 2022
  Filbert Village, Leicester November 2022
  Central Studios Ealing, London November 2022
  The Glassworks, Newcastle November 2022
  Kendrick Hall, Reading November 2022
  The Forge (1&2), Sheffield November 2022
Homelets Weirside Court, Bath October 2022
Host The Rise, Nottingham March 2022
  Cavendish Place, Manchester June 2022
  Centurion House, Bath October 2022
  View Studios, London October 2022
IQ Student Accommodation Fountainbridge, Edinburgh June 2022
  Waterlane Apartments, Bristol October 2022    
  The Pad, Egham October 2022
  The Podium, Egham October 2022
  Flinders House, London October 2022
  IQ Brighton, Brighton November 2022
  East Court, London November 2022
Kexgill Bowran House, Preston February 2022
  Boatman House, Preston November 2022
LA1 Student Accommodation Galgate Mill, Lancaster June 2022
LIV Student LIV Sheffield October 2022
Loc8me Williams House, Loughborough April 2022
McComb Property  Antonia Court, Ormskirk February 2022
Mansion Student Peterson Hall, Dundee September 2022
  Woodhouse Flats, Leeds September 2022
Manor Villages Betrand Russell House, Nottingham March 2022
  Bertrand Russell House, Nottingham August 2022
Megaclose Halifax House, Nottingham October 2022
Mezzino The Wool Factory, Leicester February 2022
  Hydrogen, Falmouth October 2022
  Northgate House, Derby November 2022
Njoy Student Accommodation Carr Mills, Leeds January 2022
Novel Student Altura, Birmingham June 2022
  Alma Place, Belfast November 2022
  Aster House, Belfast November 2022
  Huxley Studios, Edinburgh November 2022
  The Aspen, Leicester November 2022
Omnia Estates
Alliance House, Sheffield February 2022
Orange Living Williams House, Loughborough January 2022
Prime Student Living Kensington House, Birmingham October 2022
Reed Residential Chapel Court, Nottingham  January 2022
Sanctuary Student Manna Ash House, London October 2022
Scape Canada Water, London October 2022
The Stay Club Camden, London October 2022
  Collindale, London October 2022
Stranmillis University College Navan, Belfast November 2022
Student Castle Westfield, Edinburgh October 2022
Student Cribs St Margaret’s, Durham March 2022
  Kielder House, Newcastle Upon Tyne March 2022
  Isca Lofts, Exeter May 2022
  The Hosiery Factory, Leicester May 2022
  Shoe and Boot, Leicester May 2022
Student Living by Sodexo New Bridge Street, Newcastle November 2022
Student Roost York House, Nottingham January 2022
  Frederick House, York September 2022
  Hillfort House, Brighton October 2022
  Zinc Quarter, Bristol October 2022
  Deakins Place, Nottingham October 2022
  The Oaks, Coventry November 2022
Study Inn Triumph House, Nottingham December 2022
Superuni Housing Columbia Lodge, Southampton September 2022
True Student True Swansea October 2022
Uni2Rent Dojo House, Nottingham August 2022
Unilife Riverside House, Guildford October 2022
Unipol Royal Park Flats, Leeds May 2022
Unite Hayloft Point, London October 2022
  Kincardine Court, Manchester October 2022
  New Medlock House, Manchester October 2022
  Parkway Gate, Manchester October 2022
  Campbell House, Bristol November 2022
University of the Arts, London Archwood House, London September 2022
  Brooke Hall, London November 2022
University of Chichester Prince of Wales, Bognor Regis November 2022
  Villa Maria, Bognor Regis November 2022
University of Greenwich Merlin House, Chatham December 2022
University of Leeds Lupton Residences, Leeds January 2022
Vita Student Vita Warwick September 2022
  Vita Cardiff October 2022
West One Student Accommodation Newton House, Glasgow November 2022
Yara Students Holland Park, London July 2022
Yugo Globe Works, Birmingham February 2022
  Bentley House, Birmingham March 2022
  Depot Point, London March 2022
  Goldsmith Court, Nottingham March 2022
  Goldsmith Court, Nottingham August 2022
Zone Student Pannell House, Leicester November 2022