Abodus St James, Glasgow November 2023
Haymarket, Edinburgh December 2023
Stepney Yard, Newcastle December 2023
The Bridge, Newcastle December 2023
The Walls, Southampton December 2023
Acis Group Sillitoe Court, Nottingham March 2023
One Brittain Street, Sheffield April 2023
Almero Student Slade Park, Oxford January 2023
Ladybarn House, Manchester
Francis Gardner, London
Ankor Property Group The Cube, Ealing November 2023
Axo Student Sherbourne House, Coventry May 2023
Bouygues E&S Solutions Ltd Mithras Halls, Brighton February 2023
Code Student Fairfax Street, Coventry May 2023
Harper Road, Coventry October 2023
Collegiate AC Granary Studios, Chester  February 2023
Tudor Place, Chester February 2023
Corporation Village, Coventry May 2023
Pillar Box, Coventry May 2023
Corporation Village, Coventry November 2023
CRM Elmstead Place, Colchester January 2023
Mercia Lodge, Coventry May 2023
Zip Building, Leicester March 2023
Riverside House, Salford April 2023
Westcombe House, London August 2023
The Leather Works, Leeds October 2023
Boutique, Exeter October 2023
Enso, Colchester October 2023
Stanley Studios, Portsmouth October 2023
The Reservoir, Plymouth October 2023
Oxford House, Newcastle November 2023
Kirkstall Brewery, Leeds November 2023
Ash Grove, Guildford December 2023
DIGS Student Chambers 51, Wolverhampton March 2023
Downing Student City Village, Coventry May 2019
The Mont, Edinburgh October 2023
Dwell Student Cathedral Campus, Liverpool September 2023
Manchester Student Village, Manchester September 2023
Emmanuel College Cambridge January 2023
FHP Forster Street, Nottingham March 2023
Babbington Lane, Derby October 2023
FIE Manson Place, London August 2023
Flare St Nicholas Street, Bristol October 2023
Fresh Eden Square, Coventry May 2023
Benson Yard, Liverpool September 2023
Kingston Plaza, Kingston-on-Thames September 2023
Potterrow, Edinburgh October 2023
Ty Nant, Swansea October 2023
Future Generation AM Guilden Village, Guildford April 2023
Greystar Canvas, Coventry May 2023
The Heights, Birmingham November 2023
The Old Fire Station November 2023
Hamstead Campus Ltd Hamstead Campus, Birmingham March 2023
Hello Student South Bridge, Edinburgh January 2023
Samuel Tuke Apartments December 2023
Homes for Students Centre Gate & The Colston, Bristol February 2023
Parkside, Coventry May 2023
Hillview Place, Exeter February 2023
Mary Morris House, Leeds June 2023
Paddington Park House, Liverpool January 2023
Mansion Point, Manchester August 2023
Medici, Nottingham March 2023
Leighton Hall, Preston April 2023
Redvers Towers, Sheffield February 2023
The Printworks, Preston October 2023
The Terry Frost Building, Leeds October 2023
The Keel Houses, Edinburgh October 2023
Mayfield Residences, Edinburgh October 2023
Ravilious House, Brighton October 2023
Justice Mill Studios, Aberdeen November 2023
Chamberlain Place, Birmingham November 2023
West Way, Oxford November 2023
West Gate, Exeter November 2023
Emily Davis, Southampton November 2023
Limelight, Liverpool November 2023
Steelworks, Sheffield November 2023
Saltwater Place, Plymouth December 2023
Host Students The Apollo Works, Coventry May 2023
Christchurch Road, Bournemouth November 2023
The Village at The Viaduct, Durham November 2023
The Helix, London November 2023
INTO Newcastle University Bernica and Joseph Cowan Halls, Newcastle May 2023
IQ Students Weaver Place, Coventry May 2023
Nelson Court, Nottingham October 2023
Ten Traffic Street, Nottingham October 2023
Havannah House, Glasgow November 2023
Kaplan Kaplan Living Nottingham  January 2023
Kexgill Larch House, Liverpool October 2023
Lee Abbey London Lexham Gardens, London January 2023
Leeds Beckett Kirkstall Brewery, Leeds March 2023
Luna Student Compass, Birmingham  January 2023
Red Queen, Coventry May 2023
Trapezium, Leeds May 2023
Mansion Student Ernest Place, Durham October 2023
Asquith and Austin, Leeds November 2023
Mezzino The Nest, Leicester October 2023
Albany Student Village, Coventry October 2023
Lyon Street Terrace, Dundee October 2023
Meadowside Court, Dundee October 2023
My Student Living Damside, Lancaster February 2023
Njoy Student Living Carr Mills, Leeds December 2023
Novel Student Wick Park, London November 2023
Now Student The Toybox, Birmingham January 2023
Leonardo, Leeds November 2023
West Wing, Cardiff November 2023
The Depot, Exeter November 2023
Market House, Newcastle November 2023
Between Towns Court, Oxford November 2023
Bailey Fields, Sheffield November 2023
Oxford Point, Bournemouth December 2023
The Base, Glasgow December 2023
Portergate Property Management Friargate, Preston May 2023
Prime Student Living Kensington House, Birmingham March 2023
Primo Property Management The Bank, Bolton February 2023
Student Beehive Carlton Buildings, Nottingham October 2023
Student Castle Gorgie, Edinburgh January 2023
Student Cribs Grosvenor Apartments, London November 2023
Student Roost The Oaks, Coventry May 2023
Hillfort House, Brighton September 2023
Study Inn Reynard House, Leicester February 2023
True Student Manchester 2, Salford October 2023
Unilife High Street, Southampton February 2023
Union House Management Co Union House, Bournemouth
Unipol  Cotton House, Nottingham October 2023
Uni2Rent St Marks Court, Nottingham May 2023
Unite Raglan House, Coventry May 2023
Oak Brook Park, Birmingham November 2023
The Bridge House, Edinburgh November 2023
Morriss House, Nottingham November 2023
Universal Student Living Parham Student Village December 2023
University of Hertfordshire College Lane, Herts January 2023
Unviersity of Leeds Carlton Hill, Leeds October 2023
Royal Park Flats, Leeds October 2023
UPP Nottingham Blenheim Hall, Nottingham March 2023
Vita Student Cannon Park, Coventry May 2023
Iona Street, Edinburgh October 2023
Copper Towers, Coventry October 2023
Vita Belfast, Belfast October 2023
Warehouse Students The Warehouse Apartments, Preston September 2023
Warwickshire College Bredon Hall, Pershore September 2023
West Dean College Peachey House, Chichester July 2023
West One Student Accommodation Porterbrook Apartments, Sheffield February 2023
Williams College Ephraim Williams House October 2023
Yugo Goldsmith Court, Nottingham February 2023
St Crispin’s House, Norwich October 2023
Zebra HA Jerome House, London May 2023