Simon Kemp
National Codes Administrator

I have responsibility for the administration of the two National Codes. This entails co-ordinating assessment and compliance procedures, and servicing the governance committees and Audit Panel that oversee the operations of the Codes.

Jess Carrier
National Codes Coordinator

My main role is in administering and promoting the National Codes. This includes liaising with new members, keeping the National Code website up to date, assisting with events, and maintaining links with external partners such as UUK. I also undertake various project work for the National Code including recording new buildings 

Victoria Peckitt
Complaints and Code Investigator

I help students who are experiencing problems with their tenancy. I can assist with the formal complaints procedure and organise inspections to make sure members comply fully with the terms of the Code. I can also provide advice to Code members on how to address and handle complaints.

Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed
Assistant Chief Executive - Standards

I lead the operation of the National Codes, co-ordinating and developing them to ensure their ongoing effectiveness

Contact the Team

You can reach the National Codes team on Email: [email protected]