Aims and objectives

The Student Advisory Group is an advisory body for the Codes and provides feedback and guidance on student accommodation and Code matters from student representatives Nationally.

Terms of reference


  • Provide student feedback on the current and future operation of the Codes
  • Suggest improvements to the Code
  • Advise on improving communications with students


All members shall be appointed for 2 years and must be current students or sabbatical officers as a condition of membership. There will be up to 8 members of this group and membership will be encouraged from students from different sizes and locations of educational institutions so that discussions take in factors which affect all types of students.

The Student Advisory Group will meet not less than 2 times per year and will be Chaired and serviced by the National Codes Co-ordinator.

The current membership is:

Ellie Short - Union Affairs Officer, University of the Arts London SU

Daisy Thomas - Welfare and Community Officer, University of Cambridge SU

Daisy Forster - Community Officer, University of Nottingham SU

Hannah Nimmo - Community and Wellbeing Officer, University of York SU

Pierrick Roger - President, University of York SU

Abigail Egwutu - Welfare Officer, Swansea University SU

Lewis Mcdermott - Vice President Welfar, Strathclyde SU

Emily Tabern - Welfare Officer, Leeds University Union

Vicky Zhuo - International and Postgraduate Officer, Leeds University Union