Government Outlines Next Steps for Review of HHSRS

DLUHC has published a summary report on the outcomes and next steps for the review of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Read more

Huddersfield PBSA being Repurposed for Asylum Seekers

167 tenants had to find alternative accommodation as their flats have been taken over by the home office to house asylum seekers. Read more

Publication of the Code of Practice for the Remediation of Residential Buildings

DLUHC have published Code of Practice for the remediation of residential buildings. Read more

Information on New and Late Buildings 2023

A reminder for members of the Non-educational Code of the requirements for New and Late Buildings under the Code. Read more

Educational Code Consultation Now Live

The ANUK/Unipol Educational Code is currently under review. Read more

Living Black at University Report and Commission - National Code Update

See how the Codes are supporting the work of the Living Black at University Commission Read more

Changes to International Student Visas Announced

The Government has announced restrictions on some student visa routes. Read more

Renters Reform Bill Published with PBSA Exemption

On Wednesday 17th June the Government introduced the Renters (Reform) Bill to Parliament. Read more

Information Sharing Guide for Universities and PBSA

The Governments Higher Education Support Champion Professor Edward Peck, with the support of Unipol and CUBO, has published an Information Sharing Guide for Universities and PBSA Read more

Unipol Chief Executive

The trustees of Unipol Student Homes have announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Read more

HEPI Blog: The latest developments in student accommodation

There are significant housing shortages throughout all segments of society within the UK. There is a point where students will also be affected by supply problems – why would they be exempt? Read more

Government Outlines Financial Support Offer for Students

The Department for Education (DoE) have released details of financial support for students in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Read more

Eldon Court, Leeds (Latest update 5th June)

Eldon Court, operated by Northend Management, has been suspended from the National Codes following a Prohibition Notice served by fire services. Read more

New Self-Assessment Questionnaire Platform Launched

Members of the Non-educational Code will now benefit from an upgraded self-assessment and administrative system for membership management. Read more

Scottish Government PBSA Research Report and Findings

This report, along with its findings, have now been published and a link is included in the text below Read more

Government Publishes Consultation on Building Safety Levy

DLUHC has launched a consultation seeking views on the design and implementation of the Building Safety Levy. Read more

2022 Annual Report to Government

This year the Report has been substantially reformatted to provide a useful reference document about the PBSA sector and the Codes with commentary on sector issues. Read more

Why there should be no surprises about the growing student housing shortages

The Chief Executive of Unipol wrote a blog on the Higher Education Policy (HEPI) website in November summarising trends in the student housing sector that was resulting in student housing shortages in many University towns and cities. Read more

Licensing Guidance

A guide to what National Code members should be doing with respect to the different types of local authority licensing Read more

Energy Bills in PBSA - What Students Need to Know

See the latest National Code advice on energy bills for students. Read more

UK Student Accommodation Forum - View Previous Events

The notes and recordings of previous UK Student Accommodation Forum events can be viewed here. Read more

UK Student Accommodation Forum - Initial Views on the Renters Reform Bill

The recording of this event held on 6th July 2022 is now available to view. Read more

Remedial Works and Rectification Guidance

The Codes Consortium has agreed some guidance for members on what to do in circumstances where their buildings are undergoing remedial and rectification work. Read more

New National Code for Non-Educational Establishments Launched

Find out more about the updates and changes to the National Code for Non-Educational Establishments Read more